Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractor Winter Park FL Dr. Matthew Rumley and Amber H

"Dr. Rumley and his wife are absolutely wonderful! When I came to them a couple of weeks ago I was in extreme pain, searching for relief. Dr. Rumley was able to schedule me for an MRI the next day (Saturday) and in to see a spine specialist within 1 week. It's only been 3 weeks but I am almost back to my whole self! His wife and their massage therapist, are so personable. It's great to walk Into such a warm and friendly environment. I would definitely recommend his office to all my family, friends and coworkers!"

- Amber H.

Chiropractor Winter Park FL Dr. Matthew Rumley and Jennifer H

"Dr. Rumley and his staff have not only taken me under his wing to help with my injuries but have also cared for my family and my well being when we were going through the loss of a family member. Anyone can be a chiropractor or a doctor. But it takes an amazing soul to care for a patient. It's very fortunate to have a doctor who truly cares for your well being. Thank you so much, Dr. Rumley."

- Jennifer H.

Chiropractor Winter Park FL Dr. Matthew Rumley and Kashiem A

"Rumley Family Chiropractic is the best wellness office in central florida. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Their recovery plan is efficient and helps you get back to where you need to be. They treat you like a friend, not a client. Will recommend to everyone I know."

- Kashiem A.

Chiropractor Winter Park FL Dr. Matthew Rumley and Jonathan F

"Rumley Family Chiropractic has been a wonderful success in my recovery. I was always treated with courtesy and respect. Rumley Family Chiropractic always made sure I received the proper treatment upon my recovery. After receiving treatment from the Rumley Family Chiropractic I feel 100% better. Rumley Family Chiropractic also gave wonderful gifts to my family that was greatly appreciated. Thanks and my family would recommend everyone to attend Rumley Family Chiropractic for injuries.

From my fiancé: My fiancé attended Rumley Family Chiropractic and the care from this chiropractic has done a wonderful job in his recovery. They worked great with his schedule and always gave us courtesy calls reminding us of our appointments due to our busy schedules. I would recommend everyone to Rumley Family Chiropractic to receive the wonderful care that they provide after you've been injured. Also at the time that my fiancé was attending to this chiropractic we gave birth to our daughter, Rumley family chiropractic gave us a wonderful gift for our newborn child and we greatly appreciate the gift. You guys are awesome."

- Jonathan F. & Fiancé

Chiropractor Winter Park FL Dr. Matthew Rumley and Neyzyln W

"Being under the care of the Rumley Family since my accident in June 2015 has been a great experience. They took really good care of my sister and me during our time of therapy and because of that we're feeling better and it will also help us in the long run. The staff is awesome and friendly and they make you feel like family :). Also if you have kids you can bring them along, their daughter is always at the office and she will be more than happy to meet new kids and has plenty of toys to share.

If they can help you in any way regarding your case or information about your wellness they would. I would recommend them to anyone who's been in an accident or has any type of injury to come and see them."

- Neyzyln W.

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